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Data Protection

We can collect a large amount of information in response to your order and retain your details on our website for registered users. We can send your name, address and contact information to a third party in order to deliver the product (for example, our courier company or service provider). We may also share your information with our franchisees. Your license further agrees to use this information to sell products directly or indirectly to you. However, without your permission, we will not rent or sell your name, address, e-mail address, credit card information or personal information to third parties unless this is based on legal or legal obligations or customer legal process information.

You agree to provide us with the personal information you use to collect data in order to fulfill our commitments and provide you with the services you desire. This will include delivery status of deliveries, handling of telephone / e-mail notifications, transfer of information such as new services or marketing plans. If you have a problem with your project delivery, we will use this information to contact you. We can also manage your information to the website, collect your payment so that you can use the site section, the website does not find fraud or abuse, or submit your site-related information if we have questions about the information. Your secure payment business through our payment gateway is managed through this website. We retain your personal information, as long as necessary to carry out our business, or as long as our legal requirements.

We may share non-personal, non-personal statistics or statistics with our marketing partners, advertisers, or other purposes for recruitment and advertising. In other words, we do not provide information about your purchase of specific products, but we can tell them how many customers are buying goods and services. If you buy or subscribe to our newsletter in our store, we sometimes update your novice special products via email and our features or programs to your desired website. If you enter our contest or more, we may also contact you.

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